Because there is nothing better than self-hosting, you are may looking for a way to manage your apps easily and to be able to host yourself all your web apps ?

I have tried several solutions in the past, but there was always something wrong and I was looking for something easy to deploy and stable.

Cloudron is a platform to run and manage your apps, and if it was only available on AWS EC2 servers, it can be now deployed on any platform, including Scaleway, OVH, DigitalOcean or Linode.

There are a large choice of apps available on the Cloudron App Store which can be deployed with a single click.

cloudron self-hosting platform

Cloudron also provide the ability to backup your server with AWS S3 storage, and keep your server and your apps always up-to-date.

So ton install Cloudron you only need :

  • clean Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with 1GB+ RAM
  • SSH keys connection
  • domain with a wildcard record to your server ip

Because Cloudron will install each application on a new subdomain, so you have to purchase a domain and to use a wildcard if you don't want to add each record manually.

I recommand you to buy a .xyz domain at NameCheap and then to use Cloudflare DNS.

To install Cloudron, the first subdomain needed will be, it will be your homepage.

Then you have to run the following command :

chmod +x cloudron-setup
./cloudron-setup --domain <domain> --provider <digitalocean|ec2|generic|scaleway>

You will have to replace :

  • <domain> with
  • <provider> with the provider name or generic

When the process will be done, you will have to go to to finish the setup and create your admin account.
There is no maintenance needed with Cloudron but you can read the documentation .